YateBTS SatSite
SatSite is a commercial 2.5G network solution intended for rural networks, M2M applications, remote locations and private networks.

A key feature of SatSite is a 3G backhaul modem to support an easy extension of mobile coverage into remote areas. SatSite uses local call switching and low-rate speech encoding to reduce backhaul loading, making it ideal for areas with sparse infrastructure.
YateBTS extended coverage Toledo Case Study
Key Facts
The YateBTS SatSite is a simplified solution for 2.5G networks, providing mobile voice and data services. It implements both the radio access network and the core network, giving complete functionality of a 2.5G network. It is power efficient and can be operated by solar panels.

It can be operated as a 2.5G network with VoIP trunks, or can be integrated directly into existing 2G/3G SS7/MAP networks or 4G IMS mobile infrastructure.

The YateBTS SatSite accelerates the deployment of M2M applications like smart metering, fleet management and public health to areas where previously they could not be deployed in a cost-effective manner.
Price: $12000
Lead time: 16 weeks