YateBTS SatSite
YateBTS SatSite is a 2.5G outdoor macrocell base station for rural and urban areas, with an IP based backhaul, and is software-upgradable to LTE (Autumn 2015).

When connected to a tower mounted booster, SatSite can reach a power output ranging from 10 to 50W.
Features and benefits
A key feature of YateBTS SatSite is the 3G or 4G or AirMax backhaul modem that supports an easy extension of mobile coverage into remote areas. SatSite provides local call switching and low-rate speech encoding to reduce backhaul loading, ideal for areas with sparse infrastructure.

SatSite uses tower mounted boosters, allowing carriers to build flexible infrastructures.

SatSite's unified nature allows the same deployment in both rural and urban environments, lowering the cost of service, maintenance and support.

YateBTS SatSite is based on commodity hardware that can be serviced locally, in the carrier's operating country.
Radio InterfacePhase 2+ GSM, software configurable for 1- or 2-TRX
Supported ServicesSpeech (GSM-FR), SMS, USSD, GPRS
Operating BandsGSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900
Call Capacityup to 7 concurrent full rate calls/TRX
GPRS Capacityup to 140 kbit/second per TRX, aggregate
30 kbit/second typical per connection
Backhaul3G or 4G or AirMax
Power Requirement+ 48 VDC internally regulated, 50 W max
Output Powerup to 10 W for 1-TRX, 2.5 W/TRX in 2-TRX
SoftwareYateBTS, Linux
Network Interface ProtocolsSpeech: IAX, SIP/RTP (GSM-FR codec)
SMS: SIP RFC-3428 page-mode (IMS)
Network InterfaceEthernet/IP, 2 x RJ-45 connectors
Management InterfacesSSH console, CLI, Web GUI
Enclosure31cm x 20cm x 10cm
Temperature: - 20°C to + 50°C operating
Regulatory dataEmmisions Code 271KG7W
Channel BW 271kHz
Maximum output power 10 W (40dBm)
Modulation GMSK
Payload bit rate 96-160 kbit/second per TRX